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Studio deals with designing of room acoustics in respect of acoustic comfort, noise control and also requirements for playing sounds by means of electroacoustic devices. Thanks to years of study and experience our solutions are, in technical meaning, perfect in every detail. Studies and research work done on acoustics and electroacoustics guarantee that the foundation of our projects is the reliable technical and scientific expertise. We make every effort to make sure that our projects are in compliance with standards and recommendations of international organizations. Many complicated calculations of mathematical model of sound propagation in enclosure need to be done before any of our projects is completed, and that also includes using of the computer model.

For our needs we also design special acoustical systems such as resonators and sound diffusors (PG and AG). Our acoustical systems fulfil a very specific function in room acoustics creation, that is why each of them is designed individually. Only standard versions of our sound diffusors are available in retail selling.

We can also act as a consultant on other acoustical problems including environmental acoustics and architectural acoustics.

Our most important projects:

  • Aleksander Sewruk Dramatic Theatre in Elblag - project of main stage acoustic,
  • Centennial Hall in Wroclaw - project of hall acoustic and sound reinforcement system in accordance with voice alarm requirements,
  • Sports Hall "Podium" in Gliwice - project of acoustic and sound reinforcement system,
  • Sports Hall "Arena" in Krakow - project of acoustic and sound reinforcement system,
  • Recording studio "Tercja" in Gdansk - complex project of reference recording studio.

All investors and architects are more than welcome to cooperate with us.

Scope of activity

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