Pracownia Projektow Akustycznych

We design acoustics of:

  • home theatres, listening rooms - in accordance with standards and recommendations of international organizations,
  • houses, residences, apartments, dwellings - in respect of acoustic comfort and noise control,
  • conference rooms, lecture-rooms, class-rooms - in respect of acoustic comfort and good speech intelligibility,
  • offices - in respect of acoustic comfort for work,
  • sports halls, gymnasiums - in respect of reduction of reverberation noise and good speech intelligibility,
  • control rooms - critical listening rooms,
  • production halls - protection against high noise exposure.

We design special acoustical systems absorbing and/or diffusing acoustic wave.
We can also prepare a complex project, which includes selection of equipment and a project of installations.

We can help in any other problem concerning acoustics for instance architectural acoustics and environmental acoustics.

Scope of activity

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